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Communication Strategy and Planning ServicesCollura Consulting
We develop new communication plans and review existing plans for:
Organization and operating changes: reorganizations, location openings and closings, outsourcing and off shoring, quality initiatives, pay and benefit changes.
Changes in ownership: mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, sales, public or private conversions.
Major business challenges: economy and financial market downturns, high customer or employee turnover, need for improved creativity or internal collaboration, declining market share, or increasing expenses.
Employee engagement and internal branding.
Proactive identification and treatment of smoldering employee hot spots.
Communication Department management: strategy, structure, reporting relationships, staffing, succession planning, performance management, employee and leadership development.

Special Services
Keep your communications strong and vibrant. Communicators Clinic resources help you and your team grow and thrive.
Be prepared…not surprised. Avoid crisis communication! Identify trends and events likely to affect employee engagement--and ways to address them before they flare.
Expand your research capability at low cost. Find and understand valuable data available from other parts of the organization. Plus, practical ways to use this data to improve organizational communication and overall business results.
Be a hero in your organization! Clutter Buster tools help you dramatically and measurably improve organizational productivity.


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