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  Communication Strategy and Planning Services

When you engage Collura Consulting, you get the comfort of great depth and breadth of experience in organizational communication. We're also known for our fresh thinking and innovative practical approaches to communication challenges. These two qualities make us the perfect partner for communication strategy and planning.

Organization/operating changes
Is leadership changing? Is your organization restructuring, opening or closing locations or businesses? Outsourcing or
off-shoring functions? Changing business processes, benefits or pay? Are collaboration and virtual teams the new executive mandate? We can help identify key stakeholders and predict their reactions. If goals for the change are fuzzy, we can clarify them and set appropriate expectations. We can also link initiatives to tell a more cohesive story. We develop and review communication implementation plans to get the desired business results.

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Corporate ownership changes
When a company is buying, selling, or spinning off a business or going private or public, timing is frequently in flux and legal and regulatory restrictions make communication difficult.
We can help with a plan that is reassuring to the deal team and adaptable.

Business and organization challenges
What is stopping your organization from being the best it can be? Whether it is broader economic conditions or an internal challenge such as customer or member turnover, lack of employee loyalty, dysfunctional teams or increasing expenses-- better communication usually can help. If you're not sure how, we can help you ask the right questions so that you're involved in developing the solution-not just executing it.

Employee engagement and internal branding
These are two of the hottest buzz words today. But, like most buzz words, they have different meanings to different people. We've seen many definitions in action and know what works and what doesn't. Let us help you define what engagement or branding could mean to your organization and it's reputation.

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Communication Department management and structure
Before you submit your annual or long-term strategy or plan, let Collura Consulting look it over. And, if you're making changes to the structure or management of the Communication function, run it by us. You'll sleep better knowing that you're running your department well and developing your team effectively.

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